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Python chr()

The chr() function returns a character that represents the specified unicode. Syntax chr(i) The chr() method takes only one integer as argument. The range may vary from 0 to 1,1141,111(0x10FFFF in base 16). The chr() method returns a character whose unicode point is num, an integer. If an integer is passed that is outside the range then … Read more Python chr()

Python callable()

The callable() method checks if a object is callable. Callable objects are True if object is callable and False if object is not callable. Syntax & Parameters callable(object)  The callable() method takes one argument, an object and returns one of the two values: returns True, if the object appears to be callable. returns False, if … Read more Python callable()

Python bytes()

bytes() returns an immutable bytes object, made up of a sequence of integers in the range 0 <=x < 256. The returned bytes sequence is immutable. A mutable bytes sequence can be used instead by calling is bytearry() . Syntax bytes(]]) bytes() takes three optional parameters: source – initialize the array of bytes. Can be String … Read more Python bytes()