Top 10 Python Interview Questions 2021

# 1 What’s Pickling and Unpickling?

  • Pickling –  the process of a Python object hierarchy being converted into a byte stream
  • Unpickling – is the inverse operation, where a byte stream is converted back into an object hierarchy.

Pickling is also called serializationmarshalling, or flattening.

# 2 What Is the Difference Between range() and xrange() Functions in Python?

  • range() – range returns a Python list object. Range keeps the entire list of numbers in memory.
  • xrange() – returns an iterator and only keeps one number in memory at a time.

# 3 How to create a random number?

Use the random module. This module is used to generate random numbers.

# Import random 
import random 

# 4 How would you make a string all Upper Case?


# 5 What is split used for?

split() method is used to separate a given string.

var="code it blog "

# 6 How can files be deleted in Python?

 import the OS Module to delete a file.

import os

# 7 How do you calculate percentiles ?

import the module Numpy

import numpy as np
varArray = np.array([1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10])
p = np.percentile(varArray, 75) #Returns 75th percentile

# 8 What is unittest in Python ?

Python unittest module is used to test a unit of source code.

# 9 What is a dictionary in Python and how do you create one?

 Dictionaries are used to store data values in key:value pairs

my_dict = {'Pet':'Dog', 'Size': 'Small'}

# 10 How many basic types of functions are available in Python?

Python has two types of functions.

1. Built-in

2. User-defined

Some Built-in functions include print(), len(),set() and int()

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