Python Tutorial : 3 Looping Techniques

This tutorial will demonstrate three different ways that you can loop through data using Python. If you are unfamiliar with using Loops or would like a more detailed example click here for a For Loop tutorial.

Technique One

The first technique is enumerate() . Enumerate is used to get the index and corresponding

for i, suits in enumerate(['Heart','Diamond','Spade','Club']):
Output :

0 Heart
1 Diamond
2 Spade
3 Club

Technique Two

iteams() gets items from a dictionary

Cards = {'Queen': 'Jack ', 'King': 'Ace'}
for q , k in Cards.items():
Output :

Queen Jack
King Ace

Technique Three

zip() is used to loop through two dictionaries

Cards = {'Queen', 'Jack ', 'King','Ace'}
suits = ['Heart','Diamond','Spade','Club']
for c, s in zip(Cards,suits):
    print('{0} of {1}'.format(c,s))
Output :

Queen of Heart
Jack of Diamond
King of Spade
Ace of Club

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